Did you realize that the souls of animals have been watching over your beautiful soul?

Animals from your past, present and future are here to help guide you into your best possible life.

Your soul matters deeply to the animals.  Your soul matters deeply to humanity and all of life.

The animals can take you on a profound journey that will expand your heart and soul like never before, if you let them.

The animals have told us it’s time for a new dawn – in fact – a double DAWN:

Your Divine Awareness of the Wisdom and Nurturing

from Domestic Animals, Wildlife and Nature

The animals want you to know that you can accelerate and expand your innate awareness and wisdom by:

  • Understanding the roles they play in your life pertaining to soul purposes and soul contracts. When you can understand this, so many things make sense in life.
  • Knowing how they are all here for you – the animals in your life now, the animals from your past, the wild animals, and the animals in your future.
  • Recognizing the many ways the animals are trying to reach you, including animal guides that can come to you in various forms. This can be through wild animals, dreams, images and other signs from them.
  • Receiving support, guidance, and answers from the animals when you know how to call on them. They have an incredible amount of wisdom they want to share with you and want you to reach out to them heart to heart, mind to mind.
  • Utilizing the animals’ knowledge of Mother Earth’s medicine chest such as the water, sun, moon, nutrition, energy work, flower essences, aromatherapy, homeopathy, color therapy, and crystals. They understand what Mother Earth has to offer and want you to absorb and use these bountiful gifts from nature.  Remember, this knowledge can be used to help both animals and people.
  • Reaching for the power of touch, beyond petting, such as with muscle testing, acupressure, EFT/tapping, and massage. Touch is so powerful and creates it’s own energy. It’s exciting to see what all forms of touch can actually bring forth for you.
  • Creating sacred space in your environment for both people and animals. Keep both your home and work space cleared of negative energy and filled with positive energy. You’ll see how this can create a shift for both you and your animals.
  • Knowing how to ground yourself so that you are more present in your body and able to accomplish more. There are so many ways to ground besides placing your feet on the grass or hugging a tree.
  • Expressing gratitude in a new light, the way animals want you to. It’s easy to forget to be grateful for both the big and little things in your daily life. Gratitude is so positive and attracts more positive experiences into your life.
  • Understanding the heart and soul connection from the heart and soul view of the animals. They understand the sacredness of the heart and soul and the magnificent power it has to change lives.
  • Practicing mindful meditation that can unveil more than you realize. Meditation can take you to new heights in your relationship with yourself and others. Besides simple peace, you never know what will be revealed.
  • Connecting heart to heart with animals through simple visualization. Envisioning a beautiful cord woven of fabric or light that connects your heart with the heart of the animal can be magical. You can also visualize that your hearts are united and beat in harmony, or that you are in a heart-filled bubble together.
  • Using soulful speaking with your animals that takes your relationship to a higher place. Speaking out loud to your animals can have amazing results. Being able to communicate on an interspecies, telepathic level, can be life-changing.

When you can tap into any of the above ways, this will help you to raise your energetic vibration and deepen your heart and soul connection. The more you do, the greater your energetic frequency is and your ability to make an impact that not only ripples in your own life, but across the universe.

You have the power to create an energetic shift for yourself, animals, and all of life.  Let the animals show you the present, help you learn from the past, and propel you to your future.

Let the animals help you awaken your SOUL even more:

  • Seek your truth
  • Open your heart
  • Unify your soul
  • Love your self

Please know it is our honor to help you on this kind of level, for we honor the animals by helping them accomplish their mission. 

  • Reach out to us. We are just an email, phone call, or Zoom chat away. We can offer advice and are great listeners, whether this is about your animal or your life.
  • Consider reading The Soul Watchers, Animals’ Quest to Awaken Humanity. Kim’s book touches on the above topics in a simple but powerful 100 page book, along with a complementary, downloadable action guide and audio meditation. Ebook, paperback and autographed copies are available. Click here for more information, including interview links.
  • Explore and take action. Whatever you do, never stop seeking your path – YOUR truth. This is what the animals truly want for you. Go wherever your heart leads you, both personally and professionally.  Animals know that your life matters and you have an important role in this world.

Heart & Soul Blessings!

Kim & Allison


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